Who we are

We're a small group of freelance software developers. We come from many different backgrounds, and we each have specialist expertise in different industries and fields.

How we can help you

Ethical software products are good for your user and good for your business. We help you build software that your users can trust, and that naturally grow on platforms like Slack, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We do this through a combination of full-stack software development, ethical UX design, and community building.

The technologies we use

As custom software developers, we fit the tool to your project. We enjoy React, Svelte, Node, Python, Java, PostgreSQL, Firebase. We also enjoy using marketing tools like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Orbit, Outreach, and Unbounce.

What we value

Above All: To Care for Others

First, the users of the product. Second, our respected clients. Third, the Folkwise team.

To Teach

For all developers on the team, 10 hours per week are dedicated to teaching others. This can take the form of classes, articles, social media posts, group mentorship, or anything else.

To Be Uncontrived

We use the easiest words that convey the meaning and the simplest tools that fit the project.

To Be Ourselves

We put our names next to the work we do.

How We Work

Being an asynchronous company, we have few scheduled meetings. Instead, we prioritize deep work and minimize distractions. Everyone codes, everyone is a decision maker, and everyone understands our values. We agree with our clients on our end-goals, and then we over-communicate as we drive towards them.

Who we are

team member

Monarch Wadia

CEO & Software Engineer

Monarch is a senior software developer and startup CEO, and his work centers around the intersection of software engineering and online community building.

Monarch is accepting new projects!

team member

David Marshall

Software Engineer

David is a software engineer who works at Folkwise. His cross-disciplinary expertise includes the automotive industry, sales, and rocking out as a touring musician.

David isn't currently accepting new projects.

team member

Josh White

Software Engineer

Josh is a software engineer who works at Folkwise. His cross-disciplinary expertise includes the education industry, linguistics, and English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Josh is accepting new projects!